Our Partners

Empower Gas & Electric - Hecate Energy is a co-founder and owner of Empower Gas & Electric – a engineering database and software service company focused on delivering community-based energy solutions designed to achieve economic and sustainability goals. Empower has achieved a new level of assessing, delivering and measuring energy efficiency solutions for residential homes and multi-unit dwellings. Empower is serving communities across Ohio including the communities of Athens, Cleveland, and Cincinnati.

CME Energy -  Hecate Energy and its founders have worked with CME Energy since the late 1990s. Working together, we have most recently successfully developed solar PV projects reclaiming a capped landfill in East Providence, Rhode Island. CME Energy is a successful developer of environmentally conscious private power, energy conservation and energy related projects. CME has acted as lead developer, partner, or financier for power projects in the USA, South America, Europe and North Africa.

Vallen Consulting - Hecate Energy and its founders have worked with Vallen Energy Consulting since 1996 on a wide variety of power generation initiatives including valuing power generation fleets, developing power projects, developing forward curves, and building proprietary dispatch models. Vallen Consulting provides services to Hecate Energy to support valuation, regulatory policy positions, and pricing forecasts in the energy markets.

HecateSOLAR LA - Hecate Energy launched HecateSOLAR LA to provide a new way for Los Angeles’ commercial and industrial property owners to benefit from solar power. This initiative is possible due to a Hecate Energy’s relationship with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) and the Solar Feed-in Tariff Fifty (FiT50) program. The HecateSOLAR LA initiative requires no capital outlay from the customer, with Hecate Energy covering all installation, maintenance, operating, and liability costs.  The customer provides the rights to use all or a portion of a roof or parking lot and elects to receive an annual lease payment or use a portion of the solar output to offset their power bill.

Our Projects