Our Team

Executive Team

The extensive expertise of our leadership team comes from more than 175 years of combined experience in the financing, permitting and development of energy solutions.


Vikki Beja

Office Manager

Matt Bertler

Manager, Finance and M&A

Chandra Bettadapur


Andrew Boggs

SVP, Development

Jordan Brunel

Senior Manager, EPC

Kirstin Cash

FP&A Manager

Cole Corbett

Development Associate

Sean Fallon

Director of Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Liz Garcia

Accounts Payable

Molly Gray


Lauren Guest

Senior Development Associate

Isaac Hacker

Development Manager

Barry Hartweg

Project Engineer

James Henry

AP Specialist

Mike Hochberg

Development Manager

Michael Holtzman

Development Associate

Matthew Hong

Accounting Analyst

Robert Ivarson

Senior Vice President of Engineering

Krati Kaushik

Senior Project Engneer

Kiana Khalilnejad

Manager of EPC

Lisa Kilde

Development Manager, Real Estate

Dan Knuth

Director, Finance and M&A

Amy Krebs

VP, Environmental & Permitting

Nitin Lathiya

Project Engineer

Andrew Leedom

General Counsel

Michele Lettiere


Matt Levine

Senior Director, Development

Yiqi Li

Manager, Finance and M&A

Feizhen Lu

SVP of Procurement and Supply Chain

Harrison Luna

Senior Development Manager

Cecelia Maginot

Project Engineer

Sabrina Montanez

Associate Project Engineer

Sarah Montanez

Associate Project Engineer

Phil Mooney

SVP of Engineering & Development

Ricardo Munoz

Senior Accounting Analyst

Miguel Murillo

Tax and Technical Finance Manager

Shirsha Nandy

Senior Transmission Engineer

Jessica Neely

Development Associate

Julie Ohnstad


Craig Overmyer

SVP Operations

Anusa Papasani

Senior Transmission Engineer

Kavya Patel

Transmission Engineer

Jon Perron

Associate, Finance and M&A

Alexander Pugh

Director of Development

Aruna Ranaweera

Senior Director of Transmission & Interconnection

Shai Saar

Development Analyst

Preston Schultz

VP, Development

Patti Shorr

SVP, Development

Kip Smith

Civil Engineering Manager

Aidan Snyder

Senior Project Manager

Diane Sullivan

SVP, Environmental & Permitting

Andrew Sylvia

Finance and M&A Manager

Monica Synecky

Accounting Manager

Namita Tanksali

Senior Project Engineer

William Turner

Development Analyst

Margaret Voigt

Senior Development Analyst

Craig Wakeman

Senior Director of EPC

Creighton Wilson

Director of EPC & Development

Jared Wren

Senior Manager, Development & Stakeholder Engagement

Mark Zwieg

Senior Development Manager